Best ways for you to comfortably attend the online Sunday School classes!

So, I am sure that you guys are now experts in using online video chats due to online school and other curricula!

Here’s a short guide for you guys to ensure you are using the online video conferencing for your Sunday School class without distracting yourself and others!

Important Information:

1. “Egyptian Timing”

Hmm! 11 o’clock means 11 o’clock! Please be aware that we start prayer at 11am just like we would at Church! Since you are just turning on your videos at home, there are no excuses to be ‘late’! You are more than welcome to drink your shays (teas) while we have our lessons.

2. Sit in a quiet room without any distractions!

Most preferably your bedrooms, with the camera and audio ready to go! It is recommended to use earphones/headphones and use the microphones close to your mouth. This will help reduce distractions!

  • Sit in a quiet room – to block out noise and distractions from your other siblings who may be in a Sunday school class.
  • Turn on your camera – it’s important for the servants and your fellow mates to see you like we would normally do at Church.
  • Mute yourself – this is to ensure that the whole class can listen to the servant speaking without any background noise.

3. Please be mindful of the screen-sharing!

So most of you are probably enjoying being able to access and share screens with others (when the Host allows it). While this is all fun, please be mindful to only share appropriate things when screen-sharing or to wait for your turn. Just so you don’t give your servants a hard time 😛

4. If the link you get given by your servant isn’t working, please let them know!

It is not ‘tough’ luck if you cannot get in the lesson, please let your servants know asap and they will try their best to help you get in!

5. Be engaging as possible

Please always try to ask questions when possible or give answers (again, there’s no right or wrong answers). No judgements is being placed so you can relax your cotton socks little ones!