Reattending church services in person

9 November 2021 11AM Dear all St Mary & St Merkorious Coptic Orthodox Church is happy to share that the church is open to congregation members abiding with the 2 square meter rule for social distancing. Register before attending a liturgy Due to limited capacity, please register before attending a liturgy using HisVine You will be Read more about Reattending church services in person[…]

Registering contact details for COVID-19

Complying with the current NSW Government regulations regarding COVID-19 contact tracing, we’re required to keep contact details of people (at least one person from a household) attending a service at our parish. Please continue to register your attendance on HisVine or scan the QR code and fill out a form as you enter the Read more about Registering contact details for COVID-19[…]

Announcement to increase liturgies

UPDATED 31 May 2020 Dear beloved members of St Mary & St Merkorious church, From Monday 1st June onwards, we are glad to announce that all liturgy capacity will be increased to 50 congregants. What does the increased liturgy capacity mean for me? HisVine has now been changed to reflect a 50 congregant capacity per liturgy, Read more about Announcement to increase liturgies[…]

10 Tips For Hosting Video Conferencing

With many church services starting to run remotely, video conferencing is becoming increasingly popular for Sunday School classes, bible studies, servants meetings, youth/family meetings, and many more services. This guide aims to assist participants in video conferences to have a smoother online experience therefore maximise their benefit from the content presented and discussed. Setup 1. Read more about 10 Tips For Hosting Video Conferencing[…]

St Maurice Aged Care

St Maurice Aged Care recognises the growing need to provide facilities and services to the senior citizens within our Coptic community in a culturally sensitive manner. This helps reduce alienation towards the latter life stages and promotes familiarity and greater engagement by persons affected with complex cognitive issues or memory decline. Our vision is to Read more about St Maurice Aged Care[…]